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Report a sighting

Have you seen a swan wearing a neck collar? By reporting the details of your sighting on this web page, you can make a valuable contribution to our research on the behaviour and movements of swans.

Just fill in the form below to provide details of your sighting, and press 'submit'. You'll get an instant report about the swan, with interesting information about its history and recent movements!

Where did your sighting take place?

Note: Navigate on the map to where you saw the swan (zoom in for more detail). Then drag the pin to the location where you saw the swan. When you're happy with the position, continue filling the form.

When did your sighting take place?

Which collared swan did you see?

What else did you record about your observation eg. photos, notes ? (OPTIONAL)

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Note: You will receive a monthly email with details of your favourite swans like where was it last seen, when was it seen, current age, recent pictures etc.